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Seasons of Life: November 2021

November brings the start of shopping overdrive season and indoor sweater weather (or is that just me?). Although it was only 30 days, November felt really long to me. Shopping Season It has always struck me as funny that we

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Chronic Migraines

I’ve suffered from migraines since before I could even go to school. I’ve been to many doctors and tried many things. They are, unfortunately, just a fact of life. Though the frequency and intensity changes, for the last year or

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My Six Month Review (July 2021)

Without some of the usual markers of the changing seasons and the passing of time, being as we are still in a pandemic, it can feel hard to keep tabs on time. My gut feeling says we’re somewhere in spring

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2020 – Worst Year Ever or Best Year Ever?

I remember New Year’s Eve 1999 like it wasn’t that long ago, even though basic math is telling me otherwise (this basic math is also calling me “old”! What nerve!). The entire world buzzed with energy about the new year

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