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My Six Month Review (July 2021)

Without some of the usual markers of the changing seasons and the passing of time, being as we are still in a pandemic, it can feel hard to keep tabs on time. My gut feeling says we’re somewhere in spring

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2020 – Worst Year Ever or Best Year Ever?

I remember New Year’s Eve 1999 like it wasn’t that long ago, even though basic math is telling me otherwise (this basic math is also calling me “old”! What nerve!). The entire world buzzed with energy about the new year

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Creating a Personal Brand From Scratch

So you’re not selling anything but you still want to have a personal brand? How do you come up with a neat, tidy, recognizable box that is supposed to fully express who you are and let everyone know everything about

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What Can a Job Rejection Teach You?

How many job rejections does a candidate receive before getting one offer? I just read a stat online that only 10% of job applicants even make it to the interview stage. Self-reported numbers range from 5-100 applications for every one offer

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